Shine Gets Creamed

Creampie Cuties Shine This is super bone to dick control meaning we are ready for lift off! Shine has a tongue and hood ring so I had an advantage no matter which end I attacked first. No matter how much I love a great blowjob, I still love to fuck a girl with a killer ass in doggie style, and then flip her over and watch her titties bounce until I explode inside her soft pink folds. I filled her up with my sperm then watched it pour back out of her. She said she loved the way it felt inside her, and the way it tasted!

This amazingly sweet dark skinned beauty is Shine and being one of the latest creampie cuties this hard body slut was truely a good bang. Succulent round nipples topped off a perfect set of bouncy round titties which where hiding under an all black skirt and panties. I enjoyed laying a hand to all of her firmness by first groping and feeling up that tight ass and moist fertile pussy.

Creampie Cuties TitsAfter stripping off all those covers, I put the bitch down on both knees and planted my pecker in her throat. This cunt swallowed up my swollen member like a shop vac I could feel semen dribble from the tip as it was tickled with tender tongue. But the true test of ability would come and we would soon find out just how tightly her cunt lips would feel so moving ass into position I planted penis in Shines baby hole.

Creampie Cuties SuckingI made sure not to ejaculate for a few days prior to this just so the load would usually shoot quite a bit more. With the cunt in doggy position my cock deeply planted inside feeling the pulsations and knowing that this minx was feeling like a true creampie cuties cause my man hood was stroking the inside of her now very wet womb.

I can't remember when I had been this excited about blasting snatch with sperm, maybe it was because Shine was was of the first deeply tanned fucks I've had but probably just because of my horny nature.

Screwing Creampie CutiesWith a stiff boner in twat we moved from one fun run to another, cowgirl, reverse, and finally ending in missionary for the semen delivery. Fucking her bareback shaved slit I exploded a batch of swimmer up the sluts love canal and I know she could feel the warm jets of cum touch off inside coating every square inch of creampie cuties vaginal parts and pieces.

Nasty Creampie CutiesThere is no substitute for good friends and a loving ladie. And...who ever knows what creampei cuties will bring to the table in the next hardcore episode so check back and wait to see.

Creampie Cuties

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