Velvet Gets Impregnated

Creampie Cuties VelvetSalsa and creampie doesn't normally sound that good but in this case the Latin lovely Velvet brings them right together in this creampie cuties update. Enjoy this episode which features the juicy morsel Vel in her first on camera creampie shot. She strips down then goes to work orally pleasing her stud, and then quickly finds herself spread and taking the stick. Enjoy the action which ultimately ends with a perfect creampie, which takes some coaxing to surface but eventually makes a fine appearence.

I haven't seen many good latin based internal cumshot movies in my time so watching Velvet take cock and cum inside her pussy was a bit treat for me. One of the elements that made this video series even more erotic was that notion of her impregnated cunt, and the look on her face after she is pumped full of creampie.

Velvet showing Her PussyVelvet is one of the many creampie cuties I have watched that isn't really that thrilled about being loaded up with sperm and you will see what I mean if you head over to one of the hot video sites and watch. Anyway her series starts off like normal, meaning we find her standing next to the bed, dressed in a floral blowse and black pants. The soon to be stud find her and asks some hot naughty questions, which are answered with smiles and giggles, which is followed by a seductive strip where Velvet cleans off the clothes and shows off her shaved pussy and cute little boobies.

Velvet Gets ImpregnatedFull naked and ready for cock she slips back to the bed and plays with her twat for a minute, then our boy moves in and offers up his penis for some oral sex. Velvet quickly goes to town, sucking up his stiff rod a minute, then returning to the bed and spreading her legs for sex. Studly slides into her shaved cunt and starts to work up a creampie for the little cutie. The action is hot and hard from here on with Velvet taking a deep cock pounding in mish and then doggy, stopping briefly to clean the pussy juice from her lover penis.

Velvets Creampie Cunt After the oral attention its back to the bareback, first in cowgirl and then spoon, then flat on her belly he climbs on her ass doggy to finish off impregnating her little twat. He humps away relentlessly at her fertile nakes but until finally we can here some faint moans of pleasure and at that the same time we notice the tell tale sign of of balls contracting as semen is being pumped directly inside her vaginal canal, you guessed it Velvet gets impregnated. Our creampie stud pulls away and at first nothing appears but when she rolls over the cum dribbles from her used cunt and trickles down the crack of her tight ass. The look on her face is priceless, nothing like giving a juicy surprise creampie to an unknowing latin slut.

Creampie Cuties

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